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What We Do

At Gardenology, we make your garden grow so that you can enjoy healthy and abundant food right from your own home or business. We help you to understand plants better, connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors more. It is our way of helping you to reduce your impact on our planet while empowering you to take satisfaction in the bounty of growing food for you and your community. Whether you are an experienced gardener or just getting started, we are here so that your garden will thrive.

What Services Do We Offer?

New & Existing Consults

For starting new or when you need to remake your existing garden.

Quick Consults

Have a few pressing questions that have you stuck?

Garden Design & Installation

Our team of experts will make your design a reality and bring the bounty of growing food to you.

Garden Handyperson Services

When you need help fixing something in the garden and make it easy for you to enjoy your garden by caring for your plants, managing pests, keeping the nutrients balanced, and more.

Plants for Sale

We have a broad range of garden vegetables, flowers and herbs for you! Order online or have delivered to your address.

Gardenology Package Offer

Don’t want to wait? Ready to get started? Ask about our ready-to-grow garden systems!

About Gardenology

Reuven Walder

Reuven is the founder and President of Gardenology. He is passionate about plants, restoration, and healthy food and believes that everyone can and deserves to have a garden. He is an ecologist with over 20 years of experience in ocean and watershed ecology. Ask him to tell you a story or two! He has some great ones to share. He has conducted conservation-based research on an array of ecosystems and sensitive species aimed at preservation, restoration, and protection.

He is an experienced environmental educator utilizing his broad base of scientific and mechanical systems knowledge to educate and empower people around him to wisely use and protect our resources whether on a nature tour or in their homes. He is also a licensed contractor and certified Building Analyst and has a broad base of knowledge around building science, energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly products.

A committed conservationist, he has devoted his career to developing an array of projects aimed to reduce resource consumption and promote sustainability. Reuven also serves as the Board Chair of One Montgomery Green and Treasurer of the Maryland Building Performance Association and lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland with his wife and three children.

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